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Freedom Supply Inc. was built from a passion for the animal agriculture industry. FS offers a variety of business consulting services, all with the goal of assisting dairymen to more efficiently manage the feed program on their operation. 


Want to experience the expertise of Freedom Supply for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.


After growing up working on the family dairy farm and then spending 25 years working with some of the leading feed ingredient companies in America, Jeff Wilkerson, a long-time feed industry expert, decided to make a change to the independent venture of Freedom Supply LLC.


Wilkerson brings proven expertise in many areas including amino acids, bypass fat, trace minerals, yeast-based products and mycotoxin binders. Industry knowledge and a desire for a smarter, better way of doing business has led Jeff here, and he looks forward to the opportunities and relationships to come.

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